MTP is the world's leading mobile game security solution

MTP Security Products

MTP Anti-Crack

MTP provides industry-leading shell solution to protect game codes and game resources. The solution has very low impact on the performance of games, and has strong compatibility. All mobile games of Tencent are using this solution.

MTP Anti-Cheat

MTP provides the world's leading anti-cheat solution to solve the problem of cheating in games. The solution adopts a multi-dimensional, real-time, intelligent detection and punishment strategy, which solves the cheating problems of modifier, transmission, virtual APP and so on.


Typical Cooperation Cases

  • FreeFire
  • Night of the Full Moon
  • Arena of Valor
  • Honor of Kings
  • CrossFire: Legends

FreeFirePopular FPS Games on GooglePlay

Free Fire is a tactical competitive FPS game built by Garena. Free Fire has attracted a large number of FPS fans with its 10-minute-a-game fast-paced game, rich game modes, and plot-rich character system. Free Fire fully uses Tencent's MTP security products, dramatically reducing the number of players who cheat on third-party software.

Night of the Full Moon

Night of the Full MoonTrading Card Adventure Game

Night of the Full Moon is a classic stand-alone card game. Illegal websites have launched cracked versions. This behavior seriously affects the interests and game experience of the normal players. Tencent MTP successfully helped the game solve the problem, and Tencent MTP got the great trust of Night of the Full Moon.


PUBG MOBILEOfficial PUBG on Mobile

As Official PUBG mobile game, PUBG MOBILE has 20 million active players worldwide. The security problem of FPS game is very serious. From the game development to release, Tencent MTP continues to protect PUBG MOBILE’s security environment and won the recognition of players.

Arena of Valor

Arena of Valor5v5 MOBA Anywhere Anytime

Arena of Valor is a high-quality 5V5 MOBA mobile game. More than 10 million players are playing this game every day around the world. The Tencent MTP Shell Solution has effectively solved the problem of cracked version of this game. In addition, MTP's security SDK effectively solves the problem of cheating.

Honor of Kings

Honor of KingsMOBA Game with Largest Number of Players in China

Honor of Kings is the most popular mobile game in China, with 100 million players playing it every day. The game has encountered various security problems. Tencent MTP provides Honor of Kings with a comprehensive security solution, including anti-cheat, anti-crack, anti-pornographic content, anti-marketing-cheat and so on.

CrossFire: Legends

CrossFire: LegendsA Classic FPS Mobile Game from Tencent

CrossFire: Legends is a classic FPS mobile game developed by Tencent, with 10 million players playing it every day. Cheating tools such as modifiers and transmission are the biggest problems for FPS games. Tencent MTP has 20 years of experience in security technology, continues to protect the game's security environment, and has won the unanimous recognition of a large number of players.